Oasis Pro Transfer Agent:
Leading the Digital Transformation of Cap Table Management

We combine our deep understanding of blockchain technology with our extensive experience in financial services to offer a tailored cap table management solution for institutions worldwide.

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Efficient Transfers

Experience robust, secure, and efficient transfer services for a wide range of digital assets. We support ABS, MBS, Private Equity, Real Estate and more, ensuring your assets are accounted for accurately throughout the investor journey.

Transparency & Trust

We maintain transparent and immutable records of all transactions, leveraging blockchain's inherent characteristics. As a regulated entity, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and reliability.


We continually adopt and integrate the latest blockchain technologies to deliver improved and efficient services. Easily plug into any rules engine to reduce manual intervention, interoperability between permissioned blockchains, and fully integrated with our Marketplace and ATS.

Cap Table Management

We help streamline the tracking and management of your digital assets, with a comprehensive, real-time view of your cap table. We maintain both off-chain and on-chain cap tables, providing full reconciliation of investor holdings.

Regulatory Compliance

As a SEC registered transfer agent, we understand the dynamic regulatory landscape for digital assets. Our solutions adhere strictly to all current regulations, in a compliant manner, as outlined by the regulators.


Complete Control

We offer complete control over token transfers, minting, burning, onchain identities, and deploy your token in minutes.

Future is here

Step Into The Future

Embrace the new era of finance by providing unrivaled accessibility, liquidity, and security for your assets using our Tokenization Platform.

From asset issuance to lifecycle management, we're with you every step of the way. Explore the potential opportunities today. Join us and let's shape the future of digital assets together.